Enerz Extreme Park Amazing Experience

Trampoline Park

Trampolines, trampolines and more trampolines! EnerZ’s trampoline park comes with a variety of  unique activities forr you to choose from. Warning visitors may experience Extreme Exhilaration & Fun in our trampoline areas.

    • Free Jump Trampolines
    • Air Bag
    • Foam Pit
    • Sky Dive
    • Slam Dunk Basketball
    • High Performance Wall

Wall Climbing

Unleash your inner Spiderman by scaling our 30 feet indoor wall, Can you conquer the fear or heights or will you succumb to it? EnerZ Wall climbing comes complete with ropes and safety equipment needed.

Gut Builder

EnerZ’s gut builder is an exciting and fun 3 level obstacle course with 58 specially tailored games focused on building your child’s confidence and problem solving skills.


Create your undefeatable EnerZ trampoline dodgeball team and battle it out in our courts. Dodgeball just got a whole lot more exciting played in indoor trampolines.

Ninja Warrior

Climb your way to the top and achieve ninja status at our Ninja Warrior game cube. Compete with your friends and see who is the fastest to climb their way to the other side. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate EnerZ ninja warrior?



A new and exciting mechanical game at EnerZ. Jump, duck and dive as 2 padded bars swing from left to right in an attempt to knock you off your platform. Who will be the last one standing and be the EnerZ Meltdown Champion?


EnerZ’s gladiator arena is all about agility and quickness to bring down your opponents whilst at the same time avoid being knocked off by your oponent’s jousting stick. Only the strongest gladiator shall triumph

Sky Ropes

Suspended 7 metres above the ground, the Sky Ropes are a perfect challenge for the thrill seeker. Perfect for a personal or a team challenge. You are safely harnessed in while attempting 15 obstacles in the sky under supervision of our skilled personnel


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