Movie Animation Park in Asia’s 1st Animation Theme Park

Asia's 1st movie animation theme park.

Animation Square

  • With buildings washed with eye-popping colours, this square is impossible to miss, especially being the first that you see once you enter the gates of MAPS Perak.
  • Get ready to be wowed by incredible attractions, including The Home of BoBoiBoy, BoBoiBoy 4D Adventure Theatre, Space Face Fancy Dress, Monkey Business Toy and Candy Shop, and many others

Blast off Zone

  • Not up for thrilling rides? Perhaps Blast Off Zone is the zone for you.From interactive animated LIVE shows at The Smurfs Theatre, to The Wormhole Technologies, you're bound to find something fascinating up your alley.While you're having fun, don't forget to take a break and fill your hungry tummies at our Starship Restaurant and Starport Food Court,

    Dream Zone

  • Enter the Dream Zone and immerse yourself entirely into the worlds of your favorite animated films and series, both old and new. Join your heroes on hilarious adventures in one-of-a-kind attractions and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Fantasy Forest Zone

  • At Fantasy Forest Zone, kids ages 3 to 12 are welcomed to embark on a mystical journey of ancient civilisations in the Cave of Wonders, or marvel at the gravity-defying Upside Down Pyramid.They can also climb as high as The Adventurers HQ Treehouse to discover knowledge about the universe, or dive deep into the magical marine-themed Coral Kingdom Indoor Playground.

Lakeside Zone

  • Step into the world of animation through MAPS Perak's Lakeside Zone!Enjoy a lifetime spin or two at Hyperspin or float about at the gravity-defying Asteroid Attack. If these aren't enough for you, how about trying your guts at the thrilling Space X-plorers?

Live action Zone

  • Thirsty for an adrenaline rush? Then get ready to be jolted alive at the Live Action Zone!Hear engines roar while you hold on tightly to your seat, calming your beating heart as our crew stun you with their car and bike stunts, LIVE in our custom-built arena.


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