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Nothing quite beats arriving in Mulu than from the air. Flying over this vast landscape you have the unique opportunity to a bird’s eye view of the tropical river systems that weave their way to the South China Sea.

On your decent, you’ll get your first glimpse of the Melinau Formation which rose from the sea floor around 5 million years ago and is now home to some of the largest and most famous caves in the world.


It is possible to walk into Mulu via ‘The Headhunter’s Trail’ which takes its name from its historical role as the route taken by warring parties between the Tutoh and Medalam rivers. The trail runs between Limbang, a picturesque town on the Limbang River, entering Mulu on its northern boundary and trekking down through Camp 5 and then onto Mulu Park Head Quarters. (or visa versa).

The area is very isolated and the nearest town is many hours away, the trail is well marked and maintained but tree falls and river floods can cause confusion. If you want to travel the Headhunters Trail you must contact a licensed tour operator to make arrangements for you.

Which ever adventure you choose to get to Mulu it is just an introduction to the jungle experience waiting for you.


Local community provides reliable shuttle services to and from the airport.
The walk to and from the airport can be long and hot, we encourage you to support the local community where ever possible.
What a better place to start on your arrival in Mulu.

  • Do you want to see more of Mulu’s vast cave system? Then try adventure caving and no matter what your experience, there is an adventure just right for you. Caves are rated as Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Minimum age require for intermediate level is 12 years old and advance is 16 years old with swimming abilities.
  • Advanced adventure caving is strictly for visitors who:-
    1. Can demonstrate current membership of an internationally recognized speleological society or caving group, or
    2. Can provide details of* previous caving experience or
    3. Minimum previous experience for this cave is described as an expedition of at least 3 hours duration in a wild cave which has no lighting or pathways.* Verifiable written evidence on each participant’s previous caving experience must be provided to the Park Manager for approval or
    4. Visitors who do not have previous experience must participate in a tour of an Intermediate level cave to show the Guide their abilities and an advanced adventure caving trip may be organized for the next day.
  • You need to be reasonably fit with the ability to be underground in small dark places. Caving at Mulu often involves wading across rivers or streams, squeezing between rocks and through crevices, swimming up underground rivers, and of course, getting covered in dirt.
  • For your safety and comfort: Lights and helmets are provided, but you will get muddy so bring old clothes, a spare torch, glove and good walking shoes (No sandals).
  • The Park reserves the right – and indeed the responsibility – to cancel any tour if in the opinion of the Park Guide :
    1. The water level in the cave is too high
    2. The weather is showing clear signs that heavy rain can be expected during the tour
    3. There are people in the group who simply will not fit into parts of the cave which cannot be avoided
    4. There are people in the group who have demonstrated that they are unwilling or unable to follow the instructions of the guide.

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