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Apart from being a lively fishing village, Sekinchan is one of the major rice producing areas of Malaysia. The vast, well-irrigated and organized paddy fields around Sekinchan produce one of the highest yields of rice in the country.

Sekinchan is often visited for its fresh seafood. It also draws diners from Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. There are some rice millers in the area where locally produced rice can be purchased.

Pantai Redang (Redang Beach) is a hidden beach in Sekinchan, Redang beach is a hidden place that is worth a visit in Sekinchan, particularly if you are already tired of repeatedly shooting in paddy fields at Sekinchan. In fact, Redang Beach (Pantai Redang) is very near the seafood restaurants area at Bagan, so you may go to Redang Beach after a nice seafood meal. You can take an unbeaten track along the coastal line, away from the jetty, you may find a nice and secluded spot for birding, especially to look out for egrets, waders, and terns. It’s a also a good hunting ground for hermit crabs of reasonable size.

Nan Tian Temple (or called as Nine Emperor Gods Temple) is located at Site A, this is the only temple at Site A. Nan Tian Temple was establish in Year 1984 and extended in year 2004 into today scale. Nan Tian Temple become the landmark of Site A, Sekinchan. Every 1st to 9th of the Ninth month of Lunar Calendar, the worshipers is going toBefore paddy plantation became popular in Sekinchan, villagers were active in fishing activities and this is still ongoing until today. The fishing village is called Bagan and is just a stone throw away from the town. There are about 300 fishing trawlers in Bagan. You can see a lot of fishing trawler park along the river at Bagan. The fisherman go out to catch fish at the morning about 4-5 am, come back around 5 pm with a lot fresh sea fish and prawn. celebrate birthday of Nine Emperor Gods (Jiu Huang Ye or 九皇爷) for a period of ten days. This is the most important religious event in Sekinchan.

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